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AI-powered code completion models have taken the software industry by storm. Faster time-to-market, lower costs, and increased quality make them a no-brainer in today's modern world. However, sharing code with third parties, even if it is stored for a limited time and not used for training models, as the GPT model vendor claims, can have legal implications in many cases. ObfusCat shields you from these implications. ObfusCat adds a layer of security and confidentiality for your private code by masking it before sending the prompt to ChatGPT. Once the response from ChatGPT is received, ObfusCat unmasks the response back into a readable form. All the processing occurs on the local machine only, so unmasked code never leaves the machine once the secrets list is detected. ObfusCat's proprietary algorithm conceals the semantic context of your private code from ChatGPT while leaving the syntax intact. The GPT model doesn't require a semantic understanding of variable or function names to provide the correct answer. When ChatGPT returns the response, ObfusCat automatically converts it to a readable form, ready to be copied into your project.

Use Cases

Automated tests

No Excuse for Not Having 100% Unit Test Coverage: ObfusCat makes test writing a breeze. With ChatGPT's assistance, you can request automated test writing, making it easier than ever to achieve complete unit test coverage for your projects. Say goodbye to tedious and expensive manual test writing and hello to a faster, more efficient development process.

Bug Fixing

Encounter a perplexing bug in your code? ObfusCat can help you securely identify the root cause and provide suggestions to resolve the issue. With ChatGPT's insights, you can efficiently troubleshoot and fix bugs, minimizing downtime and improving your code quality. ObfusCat's integration with ChatGPT can assist you in pinpointing and addressing errors.

Code Explanation

Grappling with the intricacies of a complicated proprietary algorithm? ObfusCat can provide you with clear, concise explanations of how the algorithm works, helping you gain a deeper understanding and enabling you to make informed decisions during development. Ensuring the privacy of your code throughout the process.

ObfusCat for Business

ObfusCat for Business offers enhanced, tailor-made features to ensure your confidential information remains secure.

ObfusCat for Business Features

Curated Secrets List

Collaborate with your legal and engineering teams to create a comprehensive list of secrets embedded into the app.

Focused Prompts

Customized to guarantee that ChatGPT responds exclusively to code-related inquiries.

Prompt Safeguard

Set 90% code obfuscation threshold to ensure that only secured prompts are sent to ChatGPT.

A la carte Additions

Exclusive a la carte features customized for corporate accounts.


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